Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Something that flowed from soul to paper.

     Curl up in a corner. Unobserved.
     Curl up with a notebook. Follow your calling. Do not pay heed to what happens around you.
     Do not pay heed to what people say, for they have not seen you; you are curled up in the darkest corner you can find.
     Do not listen when it is said that others put words into your head; they were in your soul before they surfaced in your mind; they sometimes flow directly from soul to paper.
     Live as they say, exist mechanically, remain within the trappings of their spirits.
     Appear to do so. Do not let them know that the reality is not what they see; that you are huddled in your corner with your notebook and your Reynolds, shut off from them altogether.
     You are not of their ilk. They represent humanity; you are therefore not human. You are entirely different from them; you are intense; you are passionate; you are an individual; there is neither desire nor necessity for you to show them who you really are.
     Never let your guard down until you find one of your kind, sometimes not even then; stay detached, maintain your identity; never sacrifice your pride.
     Never let them know exactly who you are; reveal bits and pieces, tantalize them; you have a right to maintain the sanctity of the self. Your desire is one with your calling; your love is one with your lust.
     Physically you are but one; yet there are many of you, all of whom have this in common: that you are driven by intellect, instinct, and insanity.
     You are a contradiction; you are cynical; you are hallucinogenic; you are a survivor.
     Never let them know they are in your power.