Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not Much Use Being The Early Bird If The Worm Is A Tubelight.

So I was going to post all the configurator screencaps I had because I have stupid repetitive graphs to plot and don't want to, and then I realized I'd forgotten one shot and went back to the Aston Martin site...and then I saw that in the Virage configurator they'd moved that damned ugly circular angle-control thing discreetly to one side.
Possibly they have plans to do that for the rest as well.
So I'll have to make time to screencap all of them again.
Also now the Vanquish has turned up and damnit.

PS. You still can't configure a One-77, even though they've all been sold. Aston, you stolid matter-of-fact stick-in-the-mud petrol-fuelled Brits, you.