Sunday, December 4, 2011

HI, SWEETHEART *loses voice*

So I was at the annual fĂȘte (oh, caaarnival they call it now) of my erstwhile school (dear me, I feel so old) when my dad, who was parked outside in Caffeine, messaged me saying he was parked in front of a Lamborghini. At which I squealed and drove my friends crazy until we all somehow barreled out to the gate, whereupon I took gleeful advantage of possessing a David.

He or she was a Gallardo Bicolore in a rather violent shade of orange - and I'll admit I don't like Bicolores because they look like sort of wannabe Spyders and I don't like convertibles - but it was a Lamborghini and it was tiny and purry and made of sex - not, incidentally, unlike KK.

I kinda talked to it (rather a quick gabble actually), and conclusively proved myself not as eloquent in hurried speech as I am in writing (or flirtation with showroom-bound specimens) - again, not unlike KK.

And now you're never going to be able to forget the KK/Lamb analogy. XD


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oye, Cineraria, How Was Your Paper?

Semester exams are done with. I am now going to play Mario.

I am also going to get down to the various writing tasks I have. These include original fiction of several subcategories (remind me to read up on gunshot wounds and stuff), fanfiction of one category, innumerable blog posts and at least three Cain Express posts. Oh, and random poetry. Because I have to bash my head in even for random poetry.

Note to self: must experiment with David. Exposure settings, custom colours, whatnot. Tripod, possibly. He is an able camera, and I must be able to do him justice. I have things I need to photograph.

I also have a lot of reading to do, but currently writing takes precedence. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH, GODDAMNIT. I WILL WRITE NOW 'KAY THANKS.

Another note: must get self a new Pal cassette. (Dear lord, Sony BMG, why haven't you released Pal on LP yet? I would buy the hell out of that record. And hug it and stare at it and grin at it like an idiot.)

And I need to compress the concert videos. They are not actually very long (>.<), but still manage to be freaking awesome (insert steamed-up smiley here).

I also need to go through my class notes for this semester and put up a few choice snippets. Inorganic has been pretty delicious this past month. X)

Speaking of delicious, I also need to get on the Aston Martin configurator screencapping. *pokes previous post*
The Viraaage *dies*

Also when I encounter letters that come in sets of three, I suddenly have this maniacal desire to put a 'freakin'' before the last one. NC Freakin' R. BM Freakin' W. mg freakin' h. (yes, that last is the formula for potential energy and has nothing whatsoever to do with anything I've been studying for at least the past year and a half.)

Incidentally, I am damned if I'm not going to learn to drive this vacation.
please, Caffeine, stop being so sexy

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Sky Is Yours.

I don't know much about many specific planes except the B2 Spirit stealth bomber, which I am in love with and fantasize about and want to write fiction about and holy foxtrot strafe me, baby. That said, I'm pretty fascinated by the not-yet-in-production HondaJet. Knowing me, that's probably because of the fact that its engines are above its wings. I find this adorable. Though if its nose got any longer they'd probably be able to get away with calling it the Swordfish. XD

Screencapped from the HondaJet website.

Snagged from the 'Tube.

And the Spirit is female, but the 'Jet? I can't really decide.

In other news, Aston Martin now allows visitors to their website to configure the Virage (glory!), the Rapide (four-door glory!) and (sport-coupé glory!) the V8 Vantage S. I know what I'm doing as soon as I have, say, three hours at a stretch to spare. That will probably be later than sooner, but it's Aston Martin. It needs to be done justice.

Of course, it also allows one to configure the Cygnet, but since the Cygnet doesn't exactly show signs of growing up to be a swan anytime soon...I shall just keep waiting for the One-77 configurator. *sigh*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Le spring cleaning. Autumn cleaning. Dilli-Ki-Sardi cleaning. Whatever.

It's been ages since Cain was here last, sometime during which she realized she had a fairly decent amount to say. She has therefore decided to resurrect this blog.

I am, naturally, no longer in class ten. Instead I'm a college fresher who dabbles in...shall we say a lot of other things. However, I'm also still the same insane perfectionist when it comes to writing, which means I take a hell of a long time to come up with stuff. I do intend to be at least intermittently active, though, if no more.

Incidentally, has anyone noticed the FREAKY THING that has happened to Gmail? I lost control a little while writing in to Google about it.
"The old Gmail is nice and cosy. You could drink coffee with the old Gmail; the new one would probably toss its cup back in a jiffy and say 'Sorry, got to rush.' "
I hope their bots have fun trying to decipher that.